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Decal Buyer's Guide

What is a Decal?

Upgrading your car’s style doesn’t always have to be a pricey investment. Maximize your car’s aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank by adding fresh designs to your hood, window, door, or tail. AllMoparParts boasts an extensive selection of genuine Mopar decals for select Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ram models, helping you set your ride apart from the rest.

Customize Your Ride with Genuine Mopar Decals

Wherever you go, you certainly want to make a great first impression. The upkeep and appearance of your vehicle is part of that package. Your ride’s engine has to run smoothly and the body has to be free from unsightly scratches and dents, among other things. But if you think you can make do without an attractive Mopar body decal, then think again.

Genuine Mopar decals will enhance your vehicle’s look without burning a hole in your pocket. Body decalssuch as pinstripes in bold colors and intricate graphicscan add personality and style to your ride. Some people add decals to their cars and vans for advertising purposes. Others affix Mopar logo decals to their vehicle’s interior glass to inject some class. Whatever the reason may be, decals certainly look cool and are a great way to set your ride apart from the rest.

Tips on Choosing the Best Car Decals

To find the best Mopar decal for your ride, consider fitment and compatibility.


Brands offer auto graphics in various shapes and sizes. That’s why checking if the decal you’ll buy will fit the area where you’ll put it is important. Make sure the sticker will fit where you put it by checking its dimensions before purchasing. Checking out your decal’s shape will also help you ensure that the sticker fits your needs.


Auto decals work great on cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. You can put most decals on your vehicle, but some will fit specific makes and models. Mopar designs their auto graphics for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ram vehicles so you can get one that’ll fit your car.

Searching for decals on AllMoparParts is easy: you can filter by make on our category page to see the available products for your vehicle.

Vehicle Decals: Repair or Replace?

You can fix a car decal if it’s peeling off your vehicle. Get a 3M edge sealer, edge sealing pen, or nail polish and put a light coat on the adhesive. After coating the adhesive, stick the decal out and let it dry. Then, seal the edge all the way around the decal with a thin, clean brushstroke. Do a half-stroke on the decal and another on the paint.

But if your sticker gets damaged beyond repair, replacing it is your best option. Changing an OEM decal involves getting a reputable body repair shop to apply the replacement graphics.

How to Install Mopar Performance Decals

Applying auto decals to your car takes only five steps:

  1. Clean the surface. Your car graphics won’t stick if your window, windshield, or other area doesn’t have a clean surface.

  2. Choose the area where you want to stick your vinyl decal. This step involves a little measurement: measure your decal, then measure the placement area to determine the center. Use painter’s tape to mark your measurements or angles.

  3. Peel your decal. You can get to a shorter decal’s adhesive by peeling off its whole backing. For larger stickers, just peel a few inches so you can easily handle them and keep them from picking up dirt.

  4. Apply your decal. Place one of your sticker’s edges on your car and use a straight edge to smooth it out.

  5. Let the decal sit before touching it. Peel off the transfer paper and smooth out any bubbles when your sticker dries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Car Decals

Here are the frequently asked questions about Decals:

How do I remove car decals?

  1. Clean the vehicle sticker and the area around it.

  2. Warm the car sticker up with a hairdryer.

  3. Scrape up under the sticker with a plastic card at an angle and start peeling the decal away.

  4. Use glue removal products carefully.

  5. Wash the sticker area again to remove any remaining dirt.

How do I remove a decal from my car window?

  1. Clean the window glass with an ammonia-free cleaner.

  2. Peel the car window sticker away with a razor blade. If you don’t want to hold the blade, you can buy a razor blade scraper.

  3. Remove the decal residue with Goo-Gone. Make sure to cover the residue’s whole surface.

  4. Clean the glass again with the glass cleaner.

Where can I put car decals?

Many drivers think the inside of their rear windows is the best place to put a decal so others can see it while their vehicles are moving. Some drivers might consider placing car decal stickers on the side window and others would stick them on the car body. In the end, the decal type and size you want will help you choose the perfect place for your decal.

Buy OEM Mopar Decal Kits at AllMoparParts

AllMoparParts offers a huge selection of designs and styles for select Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ram models. These include bumper, body kit, hood, and car window decals. Get a body kit or tail strip decal for your Challenger to get that classic muscle car look. Want to make your Jeep Wrangler look even tougher? Add freedom stars, dragons, or golden eagles to your Wrangler’s hood, tail, or doors.

Our Mopar graphics are specially engineered, tested, and designed for your vehicle and use production-grade materials. What’s more, our products retail for less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, helping you enjoy great savings.