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Emblem Buyer's Guide

What is an Emblem?

Looking for genuine Mopar emblems and badges to customize your vehicle and set it apart from the rest? AllMoparParts carries an extensive array of emblems for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models, including limited edition badges. These enduring designs can be attached to various parts of your vehicle, including the dashboard, fender, liftgate, and doors.

Get an Affordable Upgrade with Mopar Emblems

Want to add extra customizations to your vehicle but don’t want to alter its aesthetics too drastically or spend a small fortune? Authentic Mopar emblems and badges can set your vehicle apart from the rest and showcase your unique interests to the world. These products are made of durable materials, including die-cast aluminum, and come with adhesive backings, making them easy to peel off and stick onto your vehicle.

Aside from the iconic Jeep and Ram logos in a variety of designs, AllMoparParts also carries limited edition Mopar badges (such as the 1941 75th Anniversary Edition badge), Batman versus Superman emblem, and Daytona logos. Customizing your ride has never been easier!

Tips on How to Choose a Car Emblem

When considering an emblem for your ride, take into account fitment and compatibility.


Choosing the right emblem or badge for your car will require specific considerations. These include: 

  • Car make

  • Car model

  • Edition, special Features, etc.


Since emblems are used to recognize the model, manufacturer, or edition of your vehicle, it’s best to get one that identifies your vehicle correctly. Also, make sure that the surface of your vehicle can mount it properly.

Emblems: Repair or Replace?

As mentioned earlier, car companies use vehicle badges to identify the specific make and model of a car, along with any special features it may have or an edition that it is part of. Most stock car logo badges are either colored or chromed from the factory. Should these components start to scratch, deteriorate, or get damaged, you can opt to paint them. Painting these components can also be a way to customize your car and achieve a specific look.

You can always replace the worn-out badges with a new one if painting and retouching the old one proves to be tedious and difficult. Just make sure you choose the correct badge that correctly identifies your vehicle.

How to Install an Emblem

  1. Remove your car’s old emblem by melting its adhesive using a heat gun. Make sure to move the heat gun around and not stay on one spot to avoid damaging the paint of your vehicle.

  2. If the emblem of your vehicle has pins that attach into the sheet metal, set them aside to attach the new one.

  3. Use an adhesive remover to get rid of the remaining adhesive on the vehicle. You can use Acrysol which removes the glue on the car but does not damage the paint.

  4. Clean the surface using rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining wax and other residue that will prevent the badge from adhering well.

  5. Mark the area where you will attach the new badge and make sure it is leveled properly for proper adhesion.

  6. Peel off the adhesive from the new emblem. If it does not come with adhesive backing, get specialty adhesive that is for bonding plastic and metal.

  7. Attach the new badge on the clean surface. If using emblem adhesive, only use a thin layer so that the excess won’t spread out on the sides.

  8. Hold the new component in place until the adhesive dries and adheres completely.

  9. Clean the area around the new vehicle badge after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mopar Car Emblems

Here are the frequently asked questions about Emblems.

Can I reuse car badges instead of replacing them?

Like mentioned previously, you can always remove the old stock badge or emblem of your car and paint it to make it look brand new. This method of repainting and rebadging not only saves you money but also lets you customize your car and give it a unique look.

How do you remove car badges without a heat gun?

You can use hot water to slowly melt the emblem adhesive. You can also use a fishing line or dental floss to saw the adhesive from the surface of the car. Once you’ve removed the badge using this process, you can pick out the remaining adhesive or soak and wipe it off using WD40 or other oils and solvents.

Shop Genuine Mopar Emblems at Unbeatable Prices

Our Chrysler emblems are compatible with select model-years of the 300, 200, and Town & Country. Designs include the HEMI, 392 HEMI, and Motown edition fender emblem. Meanwhile, our premium Dodge Mopar emblems are compatible with select model-years of the Avenger, Viper, Challenger, Caliber, and Dart, just to name a few.

Want to swap your stock badges for Mopar Jeep emblems that are more aesthetically pleasing? We carry emblems for select model-years of the Jeep Wrangler, Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, and other models. The 75th Anniversary Edition badge, in particular, is great for those who want that all-bronze look. Last but not least, our Ram emblems are compatible with the 4500, 2500, and other models. Browse our inventory and discover the full range of accessories for your vehicle.