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Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Fifth Wheel Hitch

If you need to haul a large trailer using your Ram pickup truck, you cannot rely on your average ball hitch system to do the job. Make sure to invest in a heavy-duty fifth wheel hitch and related accessories from AllMoparParts to safely tow your trailer. Designed to be attached to the bed of the 3500 and 2500, these devices are guaranteed to provide massive towing capacity.

Tow Your Trailer Securely with a Fifth Wheel Hitch

Need a heavy-duty attachment system to connect your Ram pickup truck to a trailer? A fifth wheel trailer hitch system will get the job done. Located on the bed of your pickup truck or just ahead of the rear axle, a fifth wheel hitch is a plate that’s both big and flat and shaped like a horseshoe.

The metal frames that can be found beneath the hitch system attach to the frame of the pickup truck for strength, while the trailer connects to the hitch system via a downward-facing pin known as the king pin. This is fixed securely within the hitch and can pivot to help your vehicle make turns. Since the flat plates of both your trailer and the fifth wheel hitch continuously come into contact, it’s important to keep these components properly lubricated.

Genuine Mopar Fifth Wheel Hitches at Discounted Prices

Aside from serving as your reliable heavy-duty trailer attachment system, a premium fifth wheel hitch can also transport big campers, car haulers, and travel trailers. Features such as sliding hitches, high-quality bearings, and bigger attachment hardware are present in the most reliable fifth wheel hitches, making towing other vehicles a breeze. Just make sure to check that your vehicle’s weight rating is sufficient to hold your trailer before installing a fifth wheel hitch.

AllMoparParts’ well-stocked inventory includes gooseneck ball prep kits, gliders, mounting brackets, and underbed hardware--at discounted prices, of course. Shop now and enjoy great savings.