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Parking Sensor

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Parking Sensor

Parking is one of the most basic skills that a driver needs to learn before getting behind the wheel. However, reports show that it is also one of the main causes of vehicle accidents and damages in the United States. Protect your Jeep or Ram vehicle—and yourself—with a genuine Mopar parking distance sensor from AllMoparParts.

Protect Yourself & Your Car With a Mopar Parking Sensor

Even though it’s a basic requirement for driving, parking can be very daunting for the majority of drivers. The National Safety Council reports that over 50,000 collisions occur just in parking lots or garages every year. A number of drivers have also admitted to programming their GPS, sending or receiving emails, were on social media, taking photos or videos, surfing the net, or video chatting while driving through parking lots.

An excellent way to save yourself from adding to the increasing number of parking-related accidents is to have a park assist sensor system, which can easily be installed in your car and will help notify you of nearby obstructions with an LED display and audible sound warning.

Shop For a High-Quality Parking Sensor at AllMoparParts

To keep you and your vehicle safe, consider purchasing a genuine Mopar highly-responsive Parking Sensor from AllMoparParts today. Equipped with ParkSense ultrasonic sensing technology, the parking sensor is designed for use on either your front and rear bumpers for optimum protection when backing up and maneuvering your vehicle. Up to four ultrasonic sensors will detect walls, objects, or anything that may be blocking your way and activate an interior light/sound warning.

AllMoparParts Parking Sensors are compatible with the 2014 to 2019 models of the Jeep Cherokee, as well as the 2012 to 2017 models of the Ram 1500, 2010 to 2018 models of the Ram 2500, and 2010 to 2018 models of the Ram 3500. Browse our catalog for more information and to find the parking sensor that will best suit your vehicle.