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Remote Start

Remote Start

Remote Start Buyer's Guide

What is a Remote Start?

Start your engine even when you’re outside your vehicle with a genuine Mopar remote start from AllMoparParts. Available for select Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler vehicles, remote car starters let you start the engine even when the door is locked, as well as jumpstart other powered accessories, including the air conditioner, heated seats, and steering wheel.

Heat Up & Cool Down Your Vehicle with a Remote Car Starter

A remote start is a radio-controlled accessory made up of a control module (radio receiver) and a remote transmitter. Once the control module is placed inside your vehicle, it will let you start your engine wirelessly when you push a button on the remote transmitter. In some cases, you can briefly hold the button down or press it two to three times to prevent the remote start system from starting unintentionally.

Your car’s factory or an aftermarket installer will set up a remote start kit to warm up your vehicle or cool it down before you enter. As a matter of fact, a driver living in chilly conditions can heat their engine and turn their vehicle’s heater or defroster on with the help of a remote start. A driver can utilize a remote starter to switch on their car’s air-conditioning system in very humid temperatures.

Tips on How to Choose a Remote Start

Compatibility, fitment, and features are vital when selecting a remote starter for your car.

Fitment & Features

When choosing the right remote starter for your vehicle, it’s best to take note of the following considerations: 

  • Make and model - Make sure that your remote car starter of choice is made for your vehicle.

  • Keyless entry - Find a remote starter kit with a keyless entry feature if your car doesn’t have it.

  • Security system - Get a remote car system that includes a security system with its installation.


Besides checking your car’s make and model, make sure that your remote starter is programmed with the proper data module upon installation. Having the right data module or programming will ensure it can communicate with the vehicle computer, letting you consistently engage your vehicle engine and its other electrical components.

Car Remote Starts: Repair or Replace?

Remote starts are convenient devices for car owners to have. But just like any other accessory, they are still susceptible to malfunctions. Having a faulty or missing hood switch can prevent your remote starter from engaging. You can replace these components easily to ensure that your starter works properly at all times. 

These small components run on batteries, so make sure to install the correct batteries the right way for them to work properly. Your remote starter might also have to be reprogrammed to work with the vehicle computer if it doesn’t let you start your engine. Improper usage can also lead to malfunctioning, especially if you tend to use them rarely. It is best always to check your remote starters regularly and have them replaced when they start to malfunction if you want to continue experiencing their convenience.

How to Install Remote Starts

  1. Aside from getting a remote start that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model, it is also helpful to get one that is compatible with your car’s anti-theft system. Otherwise, you might need to buy additional anti-theft bypass modules.

  2. Read the instructions of the starter carefully to know how to use remote starts after installation. Also, find a wiring diagram for your chosen starter for proper installation procedures.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the standard wiring connections in your vehicle. These can include the starter, ignition, accessory controls, and power locks.

  4. Get all the necessary tools and equipment such as wire cutters, a soldering iron and solder, a digital multimeter, circuit testers, and the like.

  5. Choose where you want to put the main module.

  6. Check if all of the electrical systems of your car are working before installing the remote starter.

  7. Disconnect your car battery to prevent shocks during installation and wiring.

  8. Remove the panel covering under your steering wheel so you can access the wires connected to the starter. You might have to remove the kick panel as well if you want to connect the starter to other components like the overhead lights and door locks.

  9. Connect all the wires properly, including the ground wire.

  10. Attach the power wire of your system to the 12V constant wire. This 12V constant wire is often located within the bundles of wires attached to the ignition switch.

  11. Connect all anti-theft, security systems, and other optional components after connecting your main system to the car.

  12. Tidy up your wirings using tie wraps to keep them organized.

  13. Reconnect your car battery and test if all the systems are working properly.

  14. Put the kick panel and ignition switch covers back once you’ve done all the necessary rewirings after testing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mopar Remote Starters

Here are the frequently asked questions about Remote Start.

How many times can you remote start your car?

Cars engines connected to a remote engine starter can idle for as long as 20 minutes. The engine will shut down automatically after 10 minutes if left idle. After that, you can remotely start your car as many times as you want for an additional 10 minutes. 

Will a remote starter drain my car battery?

All electronics, including your remote starter, consume power from your car battery. While these starters are not power-intensive like other major car electronics, it is still possible for it to use up too much power and drain your battery. It is best to have it repaired or replaced once it drains your battery too much.

Find the Best Remote Car Starter Online

Do you need a remote start to rev up your car’s engine automatically? Head on over to AllMoparParts and start searching for the best remote start for your ride. Available for select Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler models, you’re guaranteed to find the right remote starter that fits your specifications.

One advantage of shopping for auto accessories and parts at AllMoparParts is that all of our products come at discounted prices. What’s more, we only carry genuine Mopar accessories, ensuring that your add-on is of the highest quality and will fit your vehicle perfectly.