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Skid Plate

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Skid Plate

Protect the underside of your vehicle and its most vulnerable components with a genuine OEM skid plate from AllMoparParts. We offer high-quality skid plates and accompanying accessories for select Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles. Whether you’re off-roading or driving close to the ground, our durable and abrasion-resistant skid plates will safeguard your vehicle’s vital components from wear and tear.

Protect Your Vehicle from Damage with a High-Quality Skid Plate

When driving over rough terrain, the underbody of your vehicle or the components that are exposed underneath can potentially get damaged. Outfitting your vehicle with heavy duty skid plates will help protect these components from unwanted damage that may be too costly to replace or repair. Some skid plates are designed to safeguard specific parts of the vehicle, like the front bumper skid plate, which can be installed under the front bumper to protect certain components in the front end.

Skid plates have other functions. They can enhance your vehicle’s aerodynamics by keeping the airflow within the engine bay clean and clear, thus preventing overheating. Skid plates can also be outfitted to vehicles with very low ride heights to protect against scrapes and other damage that can result from direct contact with the ground.

Buy Authentic Mopar Skid Plates Online

AllMoparParts offers genuine Mopar skid plates, including front bumpers, front suspension and power steering skid plates, engine oil pan and underbody skid plate kits, and transfer cases. These Mopar auto accessories will help ensure that your vehicle’s most vulnerable components remain functional and intact, even after negotiating rough terrain.

Our extensive inventory of premium OEM skid plates and accessories can be bolted onto new and older Ram, Dodge, and Jeep models, including the Dodge Durango; the Jeep Cherokee, Commander, and Liberty; as well as the Ram 1500.