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Air Deflector

Air Deflector

A car air deflector (also known as a wind deflector) shields your vehicle from various elements and weather conditions. Typically, this accessory is designed to keep rapid bursts of air from entering your vehicle. AllMoparParts sells a wide variety of genuine Mopar front, side window, sunroof, and hood air deflectors for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models.

Shield Your Vehicle from the Elements with an Air Deflector

Air deflectors are positioned strategically in many parts of a vehicle. Front air deflectors (also referred to as air dams or lower valances) are plastic or metal panels situated under the bumper at the front of the vehicle. Air deflectors can also be found on the side and rear windows, sunroofs, trunk covers, and on the hoods of some vehicles. While in the past, some wind deflectors were intended purely for cosmetic and restyling purposes, many of the latest designs have made giant leaps in terms of form and function.

Air deflectors can also be used to channel air around your vehicle to make it more aerodynamic. They can improve your ride’s fuel efficiency, as improved airflow can boost a moving vehicle’s fuel efficiency. What’s more, air deflectors help cool down your radiator by directing air into your engine compartment. Lastly, air deflectors prevent insects, stones, and other debris from damaging your hood and windshield via airflow regulation. This is why wind deflectors are also called bug deflectors.

Purchase Genuine Mopar Air Deflectors at Discounted Prices

AllMoparParts offers various air deflectors, including hood, front, sunroof, and side window deflectors. These genuine Mopar products are compatible with select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models. Just filter your search by make, model, and year, and scan the existing inventory.

Aside from ensuring quality, our products also retail at heavily discounted prices, helping you save more money.