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As the primary power source for your car’s speakers, an amplifier gives both strength and volume to your music, ensuring a superior audio experience. While they’re typically hidden inside the vehicle, without this vital component, you wouldn't be able to experience high-quality musical reproduction in your car. AllMoparParts offers genuine Mopar amplifiers for select Dodge and Jeep models.

Power Up Your Car’s Sound System with an Amplifier

An amplifier increases the power of low audio signals and allows them to cross through speaker cones and recreate high-quality sound. To help amplify these signals, a preamplifier has to collect them from devices such as a CD player or radio tuner and transfer the line-level output to the amplifier itself. This device uses bass, treble, and equalization controls to change the signal responsible for tuning the sound. Crossovers are also present in the preamp stage; they split audio signals into different frequencies. These accessories allow car amplifiers to function effectively and produce superior sound.

Installing an amplifier will give your audio system a clean power source that will drive your speakers without straining them. Unlike amps that are built into in-dash stereos, an external power amp isn’t limited by the space available and can be designed without any compromises. This results in music that sounds more defined and cleaner at all volume levels.

Genuine Mopar Car Amplifiers for Sale

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing amp or install a brand new one, look no further than AllMoparParts. We carry amplifiers for specific Jeep and Dodge models, including Kicker amplifiers. These amps have four channels and come in a variety of watt ratings.

By purchasing a genuine amplifier from AllMoparParts, you’ll breathe life into your music by adding excitement and detail. Our amps also retail at reduced prices, ensuring great savings without compromising on quality or performance.