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Barrier Net

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Barrier Net

Want to keep your pet in the cargo area and away from the passenger compartment? Consider purchasing a genuine Mopar pet barrier net from AllMoparParts. Available for select model years of the Jeep Compass and Wrangler JL, vertical barrier nets help prevent injuries to your pet and passengers if the vehicle comes to a sudden halt.

Keep Your Pet Secure With a Reliable Barrier Net

Millions of Americans drive with their pets on board, and many admit to not restraining them. This could pose a problem, as pets and other passengers could get injured during emergency stops. By installing a genuine Mopar pet partition net, you’ll keep your furry friend firmly behind the second row seats and away from the passenger area, decreasing the likelihood of injuries during emergency stops.

Genuine Mopar vertical barrier nets attach to the floor and ceiling directly behind the rear seats, creating an effective partition between the passenger compartment and cargo area. This prevents your pet from jumping suddenly into the cargo area, minimizing accidents. Also, by keeping pets firmly in the cargo area, you’ll safeguard the passenger area from stains and odors, as well as general wear and tear.

Buy Quality Pet Barrier Nets For Less at AllMoparParts

AllMoparParts carries genuine Mopar pet partition nets that are compatible with select Jeep models, including the Compass and Wrangler JL. Our inventory includes stretchable barrier nets which can be attached from floor to ceiling. These stay securely in place when you’re on the go.

What’s more, our stock retails at prices significantly lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, meaning you’ll save money, as well as ensure the safety of your four-legged best friend every time you hit the road.