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Bed Step

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Bed Step

With trucks getting taller, accessing pickup beds has become inconvenient for some drivers and potentially dangerous for older ones. AllMoparParts carries the best OEM Mopar bed steps for newer and older Ram 3500, 2500, and 1500 trucks. Our Ram bed steps are constructed from the most durable materials, providing reliable support when you're accessing your pickup bed.

Install a Bed Step for Easy Access to Your Pickup Bed

Whether you're loading or unloading cargo, climbing onto your pickup bed requires a great deal of effort, and many older drivers find it difficult to access newer and taller trucks that have higher beds. Climbing into the pickup bed and then jumping out repeatedly could also injure your knees and back. Installing a sturdy truck bed step will solve all of these issues.

AllMoparParts' genuine Mopar bed steps provide easy access to your pickup bed, even when the tailgate is down. These easy-to-use bed steps are mounted onto the truck's frame for convenient access. They can also be flipped down and are stored under the rear bumper when not in use.

Buy Genuine Mopar Pickup Bed Steps

Our bed steps for newer and older Ram 3500, 2500, and 1500 pickups are built with high-strength aluminum and have a black powder-coat finish. Aside from being durable, they're also rated to support up to 300lbs. Their spring-loaded design makes them easy to deploy, and when they're not in use, you can simply stow them away under the rear bumper.

Just as importantly, these Mopar products take roughly 30 minutes to install and require no drilling to mount onto the frame. Plus, our inventory retails at reduced prices, ensuring you enjoy great savings.