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Bluetooth Kit

Bluetooth Kit

A Bluetooth kit can give you both crisp audio and control of various features by connecting to your phone. You can also use one to take hands-free calls, dial your wireless phone vis simple voice commands, and stream your favorite music. If you need one for your vehicle, AllMoparParts carries genuine Bluetooth kits for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models.

Enjoy hands-free calls with Your Bluetooth Kit

A Bluetooth kit can either be attached to your car radio’s AUX input or use FM frequencies to connect to it. You can use this device to make hands-free phone calls while you’re driving. Once you’ve paired your phone to your hands-free Bluetooth kit, the speakers of your car and a microphone will serve as audio output and input respectively. Many systems can also display caller IDs, look through contacts, and retrieve call logs.

By doing away with cords, wires, and cables, and enabling hands-free calling, you stay focused on the road, keeping you safe while driving. Another advantage of having a Bluetooth kit in your car is that you can use it for music streaming, whether it’s through music stored on your phone or via an Internet-based streaming service. It can also play podcasts and audiobooks. Need more info about your music? The device can display metadata such as artists’ names, song and album titles, and album artwork.

Shop for the Best Bluetooth Car Kit for Your Vehicle

Whether your vehicle is a more recent Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram model, AllMoparParts carries genuine Mopar hands-free Bluetooth car kits, including touch screen systems and small devices. These Bluetooth car kits aren’t just packed with great features such as hands-free calling, phone connectivity, iPod integration, and voice activation; they’re also affordable. Don’t forget to browse through our selection for great deals. Who knows, you just might find the right Bluetooth kit for your car!