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Body Kit

Body Kit

Body Kit Buyer's Guide

What is a Body Kit?

Get the car parts and accessories you need to complete your vehicle modification or upgrade. AllMoparParts carries a huge selection of body kits for select Chrysler and Dodge models, including fenders, chin spoilers, side sills, front and rear bumpers, and other OEM Mopar parts to help you style your exterior and set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Upgrade Your Vehicle With Premium Auto Body Kits

Customizing your vehicle with a body kit can improve its appearance in different ways—you can opt for a more sleek and stylish exterior, or you can make your vehicle look like it was built for speed. Auto body kits can also help enhance the performance of your car: spoilers help suppress drag and lift; car skirts control the passage of airflow, depending on where they’re installed; and valances add style and function to your car by hiding certain parts of the vehicle that you want to conceal.

As with anything that will drastically alter your car’s appearance and functionality, it’s important that you measure everything twice to avoid awkward and mismatched body panels. Some body kits are simple enough for you to install, while others may require the expertise of a professional. A properly installed body kit can make all the difference appearance-wise compared to a poorly installed kit.

Tips on How to Choose a Body Kit

Consider fitment and compatibility when selecting a kit.


Take the following factors into consideration when selecting a body kit: 

  • Make and model - Make sure the kit is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. 

  • Materials - Go for more affordable options, like plastic kits, if you’re only looking for an aesthetic upgrade. Premium materials, like carbon fiber aero kits, are for improving vehicle performance. Meanwhile, fiberglass body kits are for those who want to improve both the look and overall performance of their rides.


As previously mentioned, find a body kit that is made for the specific model of your car. Research about the manufacturer and model fitments of the kit before purchasing.

Car Body Kits: Repair or Replace?

Bumpers protect your car from minor collisions. Small dents are often easily repaired. However, cracks in the bumper will affect its structural integrity, weakening it significantly. It is best to replace these parts instead of repairing them to avoid more long-running costs. Major dents that need filling and repainting can also cost you more compared to replacing the old bumpers altogether. Additionally, if the bumper hooks are damaged, it can come off easily. Hence, it is best to replace these bumpers with newer ones.

Also, If you want to install wider wheels, your stock fenders and flares may not allow it or give your car an awkward look. Replace your stock fender flares with wider ones, like Mopar wide body kits, to accommodate larger and wider wheels.

How to Install Quality Body Kits

  1. Ensure that all parts of the kit are symmetrical and fit your car before installing them. Take note that if the kit that you want is too complex to install on your own, you can find shops to install them for you.

  2. If you’re going to paint the body kit, prep each piece before installation. If you do decide to paint and detail the kit pieces, get the specific code for the color that you want.

  3. Remove all the factory pieces currently installed on your car. These are usually the bumpers and side skirts.

  4. Clean the exposed surfaces using a degreaser to prevent grime and dirt build-up

  5. Line up the new parts with the holes and screws to ensure proper mounting.

  6. Start installing the body kit pieces one by one. If it’s a full body kit, start with the front bumper first. Take note that other kits require the side skirts to be installed first to prevent them from overlapping with the bumpers.

  7. Apply adhesive strips or double-sided tape to the body kits before screwing them into place.

  8. Once done installing, check the alignment to see if the wheels fit the new body kit. Wider or larger wheels can be used to fill in the gaps.

  9. Check if the current ride height of the car lets it run smoothly and still clear road bumps, as the suspension is usually lowered along with the installation of a new body kit. Give it a test drive and adjust the suspension accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mopar Body Kits

Here are the frequently asked questions about Body Kits.

What is the purpose of a wide body kit?

Wide body kits can improve the appearance and aerodynamics of your car. Spoilers reduce drag and force your car closer to the ground for better traction, making it safer and much more fuel efficient. These upgrades also allow you to install wider wheels using wider fenders and bolt-on flares for a sportier look.

What is the purpose of side skirts?

Side skirts reduce the amount of high pressure area on the side of the car, preventing the air from flowing under your car and diminishing downforce. Side skirts are much more effective if they are closer to the ground. It should be at least two centimeters from the ground. Any more than that will diminish its effectiveness.

Genuine Mopar Body Kits for Your Chrysler or Dodge Vehicle

AllMoparParts lets you shop for authentic Mopar auto body kits for select Chrysler or Dodge vehicles. We carry side skirts, aero packages, custom body kits, and more for various model-years of Dodge models such as the Dart, Caliber, Challenger, or Viper. You can also find Jeep body kits in our catalog.

We also carry genuine Mopar chin and lip spoilers, side sills, rear valances, and other parts for nearly all model-years of the Chrysler 200. Our auto parts and custom body kits are all authentic OEM products, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Shop at AllMoparParts today and find the best body kits available for your vehicle.