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Bumpers are designed to absorb impact and mitigate potential damage from minor, low-speed collisions. However, make sure to choose genuine Mopar OEM bumpers to ensure that you protect your investment and minimize repair costs in the event of a crash. Browse our catalog today to find premium quality bumpers for your Dodge or Jeep vehicle.

Premium Quality Bumpers That Deliver Protection & Style

Materials such as steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic are typically used to manufacture bumpers. Among these components, steel is considered the most durable. However, they tend to be heavy and are often used in either off-road or larger vehicles. Aluminum bumpers are strong and lightweight, which makes them a more popular choice for car bumpers.

Apart from the material, the bumper's design and build also help ensure robust protection for your vehicle in the event of a low impact crash. AllMoparParts carries Dodge and Jeep bumpers that are not only strong and durable but also provide a touch of style and elegance to your vehicle's overall look and feel.

Shop Genuine Mopar Front & Rear Bumpers

When shopping for auto parts, particularly ones as critical as your vehicle's front and rear bumpers, it is essential to choose a trusted retailer that carries genuine Mopar OEM parts and accessories. Our selection of Dodge and Jeep bumpers feature high-quality construction and flawless design to ensure sufficient vehicle and occupant protection while still giving your car or truck a beautiful, streamlined look.

Another factor to consider when choosing a bumper is whether it allows you the possibility of adding accessories such as off-road lights, end caps, tow hooks, and other parts that you may need to improve the functionality or appearance of your vehicle. The AllMoparParts catalog also includes various bumper accessories for your needs.