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Dodge Charger

One of the first cars that will spring to mind when you think about 'muscle cars' is the Dodge Charger. This car is undoubtedly one of the hottest muscle sedans to own nowadays. If you're feeling like customizing your beloved Dodge Charger, click on your model year below and choose a subcategory to see our long list of OEM genuine parts.

Continuing the Dodge Muscle Car Legacy

The Dodge has a long legacy of jaw-dropping performance and the Dodge Charger continues this lineage. Its raw power and efficiency is something to marvel at thanks to its 3.6L Pentastar(r) V6 Engine. For the motorheads out there, this beast can reach up to 707 Horsepower depending on which modifications you install. When it comes to aesthetics, the latest Dodge Charger pays homage to over 45 years of muscle-car heritage. It features a look that is reminiscent of the older generations, with a low, lean profile that exudes a ready-to-go attitude. The Dodge Charger is equipped with 104.7 cubic feet of passenger space that ensures comfort for up to five people.

Get Genuine Dodge Charger Parts Today

Dodge Chargers are impressive enough as they are but if you are a true muscle car enthusiast, chances are, you are keen on purchasing additional muscle car parts and accessories that can enhance your car's overall look and performance. We have items like interior and exterior accessories, wheels, cargo, towing & racking accessories, performance parts, police pursuit, and electronics & audio accessories, to name a few.

AllMoparParts offers these genuine Dodge Charger parts and accessories at affordable prices. We carry all sorts of Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, and Dodge parts and offer up to 30% off on select items. Sign up and start browsing through our inventory today.