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Sway Bar

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Sway Bar

A car sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar, is a crucial component of a vehicle’s suspension system. It helps reduce the car’s body rolls during tight cornering or driving on uneven terrain, making your vehicle safer especially at high speeds. AllMoparParts stocks a selection of genuine Mopar sway bars compatible with select Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep model vehicles.


Stabilize your Vehicle’s Handling Using Sway Bars

A sway bar is one of the vital suspension components in any car. It is situated underneath the car’s body and links the left and right wheels together using short lever control arms that are held by a torsion spring. It helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during abrupt or fasts turns and helps in overcoming rough road conditions such as large bumps or irregular, off-road terrain. It does this by forcing each side of a vehicle to level to similar heights based on the degree of the turn or the terrain, reducing the sideways tilting or rolling of your car.

Purchase Sway Bar Kits for Less at AllMoparParts


AllMoparParts stocks a variety of sway bar kits for select Dodge and Jeep vehicle models and model years. Our inventory includes a wide array of car sway bar kits such as upgraded, performance, and power sway bars for both front suspension and rear suspension systems. These kits are compatible with select Jeep Commander and Wrangler JK model years as well as select Dodge Challenger, Charger, Dart, and Magnum model years.


At AllMoparParts, our products are guaranteed to be genuine, high quality and retail for less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Browse our catalog now for car sway bar kits that best suit your vehicle’s specifications.